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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that is simple and straightforward. It can be learnt and used by anyone with no programming knowledge or any other special knowledge. It can be used for building any kind of website, such as e-shops, forums, with a vast amount of templates. hosting and many other domain names can be used, for each website to become successful.

It is an open source software, and it lets the user edit its content, and combine it with social media, as well as SEO (search engine optimization), which allows it to be ranked highly in Google results pages, appearing in the first page Google page. It is also mobile-friendly.

It contains plug-ins, extra features, and more importantly, it is free. Many websites are used through Free WordPress hosting, and become successful, with the managed WordPress hosting being a great part of this.

WordPress org hosting and WordPress com hosting have different advantages and disadvantages, and they can both be used according to each user’s demands.

Why should I use WordPress hosting?

Apart from being the most popular platform, there are many objective reasons for using WordPress. It is a professional tool, which combines performance, speed, reliability, and good pricing. for each reason.

There are other content management systems similar to WordPress, such as joomla, drupal, magento, opencard, and hosting systems that contain website building, such as godaddy.

However, WordPress has the highest SEO rating, and the greatest amount of community among other websites. Many people of this community are programmers, and share their technical expertise.

The hard work of WordPress company and its community has led WordPress to the top. It is not used for someone to move a WordPress site to a new host, as most people are content with using it.

Here are some other reasons why anyone should prefer the best web hosting for WordPress:

WordPress has the greatest community of technical support.

Many people prefer it, and the WordPress hosting reviews are always positive. A vast amount of its users are bloggers, web developers, web designers, and they make sure WordPress is always functional, any issues are dealt with, and opinions regarding its improvement are shared.

As WordPress is supported from all over the world, Its forum is also the greatest one in comparison to other bloggins softwares.

WordPress is an Open source Platform

As WordPress is open source, programmers from all over the world cooperate for its improvement. Anyo one can be a part of it.

It can be used with no limitation in any website and no cost apart from domain name, hosting and website building, should someone go for premium content.

WordPress exists for many years and it only gets better.

Many Content management system software programs come and go, but this is not true for wordpress. It exists since 2003, and it is upgraded tested and evolved. The best WordPress host is yet to be determined.

WordPress can be expanded and migrated.

The potential of expansions in WordPress is limitless. It can be in any other platform, with no issues and technical problems.

Furthermore, it is easy to migrate a WordPress site to a new host. move wordpress site to A new host.

WordPress is Secure

Web Hosting Company Price/mo Domain Space Review Money Back Guarantee Visit Site
$2.95 Free Unlimited Trusted Since 1996! 30 Days
$3.49 Free Unlimited Free SSD 90 Days
$3.48 Free Unlimited Pay Monthly 45 days
$3.95 Free Unlimited Green energy! 30 Days

The creators of WordPress have gone to great lengths to make sure that each hosted website is in optimal security. WordPress contains many different security mechanisms, which prevents people with malicious intent from entering unauthorized WebPages.

Furthermore, WordPress contain Spam protection, regarding registering in WordPress, and making comments.

WordPress has many of Plug-in and Themes.

Each website built by WordPress can be optimized, due to the plethora of Plug-ins and Themes, built over many years, and their number is growing. There are many programs introduced for different functionalities, and improving a website according to each user’s need, with no compatibility issues.

Premium Content.

WordPress users can use most of its content free.

However, there are users that want to build a professional website with limitless possibilities. This includes extra features, support and premium plug-in. It is easy to learn how to transfer a WordPress website and make use of this content.

It is possible to earn money using WordPress

WordPress can be extended to be more than a platform. It can be extended to be a working environment.

  • You can create useful plugins or themes to be sold.
  • You can offer consulting services for a WordPress website, or content writing.
  • You can combine the SEO features with google ad words.

Best WordPress hosting services for integration

Web Hosting Company Price/mo Domain Space Review Money Back Guarantee Visit Site
$2.95 Free Unlimited Trusted Since 1996! 30 Days
$3.49 Free Unlimited Free SSD 90 Days
$3.48 Free Unlimited Pay Monthly 45 days
$3.95 Free Unlimited Green energy! 30 Days

For an objective evaluation of the performance of each server, visit:

Some of the most known websites in the world use WordPress hosting. In the reference article, the performance of those websites is evaluated, according to the testing server location, their own server location, and their maximum and minimum response time. In order to make the WordPress hosting comparison, this data is used.

Furthermore, their price is compared according to their services, also regarding their reliability and support.

This part of the article gives information about each service, in order for each person to determine the best WordPress hosting for him. It is not only the fastest WordPress hosting in order to make a decision, but also the value for money.

The websites are listed in random order.


Price: $8.99

GoDaddy is a reliable hosting service, with  integrity in their customer support, and great reputation.

It is a very good choice for integrating WordPress, especially for lower traffic levels. It has a fast response time for simple websites that do not surpass 25 users at once.



Price: $7.95

Dreamhost is an award winning web hosting. It is consistent, provides a great number of services. By integrating WordPress with DreamHost, it is made sure speed and reliability are optimized. Its shared hosting can manage a website well, in a simple and consistent way.


GreenGeeks hosting.

Price: $3.95

GreenGeeks hosting is cheap, powerful and eco-friendly. It has a solid performance when integrated with WordPress, and its technical support has a section dedicated to it.


Inmotion hosting

Price: $3.49

InMotion hosting is a top rated business for website solutions. It is cheap, it has a very good performance rate, particularly when paired with WordPress. It can be considered the fastest WordPress hosting.

It is a trustworthy hosting system, with a plethora of web site hosting tools, that can be combined well. Its hosting plans are designated to include WordPress. Its support centre is experienced, and are used to being asked questions relevant to a combination of those two services.



Price: $3.95

SiteGround has a high performance rate for hosting websites. It is cheap, and has a noteworthy customer support. It has managed services for when integrating it with WordPress hosting, and many plans of great value to choose from.


A2 Hosting

Price: $3.92

The hosting of A2 has a strong performance. It has many services for optimizing web hosting with WordPress, and a lot of plans of many prices to choose from. It is simple to use, fast and reliable.



Price: $2.95

Bluehost might not have the best performance compared to the other websites, but it is cheap WordPress hosting and trustworthy. It has many exclusive offers when combined with WordPress, and their tools can be combined, in order to achieve a good SEO rating of the website, be versatile, friendly and easy to use.



Price: $8.95

The service of Site5 is designated for web designers. It has a great performance, and a professional hosting service with shared hosting features and full WordPress support. Its support is available for you, with expertise on WordPress to help you with every need.


Media Temple

Price: $20

Media temple might be expensive, but it is a good solution for reliable, high performance hosting. Its plans for WordPress have great storage, and security.



Price: $8.00

A small and reliable hosting company, with many scripts and apps that can be used with WordPress hosting, add-on features and daily support.



Hostgator is a relatively powerful web hosting service, but it can have its issues. However, it is user-friendly, and it has WordPress plans with great value.


Web Hosting Company Price/mo Domain Space Review Money Back Guarantee Visit Site
$2.95 Free Unlimited Trusted Since 1996! 30 Days
$3.49 Free Unlimited Free SSD 90 Days
$3.48 Free Unlimited Pay Monthly 45 days
$3.95 Free Unlimited Green energy! 30 Days


Either with free WordPress hosting, or managed WordPress hosting, this service is one of the most popular to use over the years. There are many reasons to use it, and they can be rewarding, according to each service.

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