Mega Moolah Free Spins

According to mega moolah, please find sites offering you free spins to play the mega moolah slot. Unfortunately, dreamworlds don’t exist. Real mega moolah free spins are unavailable anywhere on the internet today, and there is a straightforward reason behind that, which we’ll explain in this short but detailed piece.

It is essential to understand that we’re talking about mega moolah free spins in terms of the player. Being given free games without fund deposit on known progressive jackpot slot from their various casinos and not the activating of the free spins bonus game that is a section of the mega moolah slot. That’s quite different (and it offers you free spins while playing through that’s once you have signed up, deposited cash and started playing the game at your preferred casino).

However, most casinos know that lots of slot players that play mega moolah progressive jackpot are usually on the lookout for an offer which gives them that needed an edge. And, owning a bunch of free spins on mega moolah (even if they are not open in the real sense) is a great way to market your website and hope that players don’t realize that the spins are not “free.”

What are mega moolah free spins?

First of all, let’s clarify the term “Free spins” as there is a lot of confusion brewing around concerning the name and what it refers to. While some casino companies loosely use the term free spins to mask any number of promotions (most of which aren’t open as they’ve claimed it to be). According to mega moolah, free spins refer to spins received from casinos which players aren’t needed to make any notable contribution to, either using spending money on casino games or making a deposit.

Interestingly, for spins to be in the real sense “free,” a player should be able to access and also withdraw all winnings received from the free spins. Or at least, have any winnings from the free spins available in the player’s bonus funds account for him or her to play with once he or she has completed the bonus session.

Looking at this definition, almost all casinos you see online stating that it offers players free spins on mega moolah will not be because players will have to deposit to get any bonus which a player can use on the slot. If you deposit at a casino, then the spins aren’t free, even if you are not paying entirely for them.

Why don’t casinos offer real free spins on mega moolah?

If you are wondering why this is so, the reason isn’t far fetched. Think about it, if free spins bonuses are so popular amongst players, why don’t casinos offer players free spins on mega moolah? Well, that’s not the case. Mega Moolah, being a progressive jackpot, every spin has to be paid for because players need to also contribute to the standard prize fund for a slot. Also, part of your stake will be going to be used to relatively increase the overall value of the progressive jackpot prizes.

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