Falling Flower Effect Add 3 Types Of Falling Flowers To Blogger Blogs

In this post we will see how to add a falling flower effect to your blog.The Snow Fall effect was very popular over Christmas and as promised in that post i will show you how to add the flower fall effect.I had been meaning to post this earlier and a comment by Aata paata reminded me, thanks Aata.You can see how to get the Snow Fall Effect Here.

As always i want to give you options, especially as everyone has different styles and colors in there templates.With that in mind i spent a few hours creating 3 types of falling flower scripts.Just like the the snow fall effect they are very easy to add to your blog and just require you to add a gadget and i will walk you trough it.

Once added your blog will have the effect of flowers gently falling down the page.The flowers are transparent enough to not obstruct the readers.(The transparent Images were hard to find i ended up taking them from a Myspace hack..Shhh)

Flowers and demo.

Here are the 3 flower types available:

I have made a demo or sample page so you can see the effect in action, i used the pink flower on this page but all 3 look the same although the purple is a bit more full on Click Here For The Demo.

Lets add the flower effect to your blog

Step 1. In The New Blogger Dashboard Click The Drop Down For Your Blog > Choose Layout > Click Add A Gadget > Choose HTML/Java script > Paste In The Code as shown in the video below :

For the pink flower use this code:

For the purple flower use this code:

For the Yellow flower use this code

Once you have placed the code in the box click save.

That’s it check out your cool new falling flowers.Check out more of our Blogger Gadgets and Tutorials.

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.

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