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$2.95 Free Unlimited Trusted Since 1996! 30 Days
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What Is Hosting and What To Know Before Hiring Cheap Web Hosting

There are many terms related to new technologies that are often not fully known by users. As a definition, the concept of web hosting or hosting in English is the rental of a server or part of it, where the user is allowed to store all types of computer files that will be accessible through the Internet. It is the fundamental concept, but when buying a web domain, buy hosting or hire one of these services it is very convenient to study what is included in the hosting contract. As many companies have a “limited time offer” you must also take into account that after a few months (even a year), the prices may rise because the offer is up.

The best web hosting – paid or free server?

The first choice that will make the user who wants to hire a hosting service is to determine if you will opt for a free option or a payment option. The first one is especially suitable for users who have a personal web page, which usually will not generate income. This service is very limited and implies that the hosting company view the web hosting advertisements. Payment services are much more complete and are intended for use by users with a higher level of requirements and for companies and professionals. It is always best to have cheap web hosting or cheap but proper hosting to a free hosting.

Types of hosting servers to hire your web space

Depending on the type of server to be hired you can choose between shared servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and Cloud Hosting. Hosting on shared servers may be the best when it comes to buying cheap web hosting in Spain. In these cases in the same machine different users have hosted their websites. Dedicated servers imply a machine for each user, which results in greater performance and greater stability. Private virtual servers are halfway between the two previous, since in a single machine coexist different virtual servers that operate independently. The option of Cloud Hosting or hosting in the cloud is the one that in recent times is having a greater boom. The hosting company is responsible for allocating the necessary resources at any time, thus allowing greater efficiency in the use of available technical means and cheaper rates.

Free hosting or cheap hosting? Do not get ahead of yourself

Before you start in the internet world, you should keep in mind that web hosting is a paid hosting. You need to make a small investment, because with free hosts, you cannot be totally sure that your page is completely protected. In  the market you will find an efficient and efficient hosting service that fits your needs and you do not have to settle for a free service, but you need to evaluate all the options there are.

Once you have opted for the cheap and professional web hosting abandoned the idea of ​​a free hosting without advertising, we recommend that you take a look at the tutorials to configure and customize your website to suit you. Additionally you can easily set up your email account,  and customize most of the options that make up a webhost provider for non-techies!

Web Hosting Company Price/mo Domain Space Review Money Back Guarantee Visit Site
$2.95 Free Unlimited Trusted Since 1996! 30 Days
$5.99 $11.99 Unlimited Free SSD 90 Days
$3.48 Free Unlimited Pay Monthly 45 days
$3.95 Free Unlimited Green energy! 30 Days

GoDaddy 1 $ / month

The cheapest hosting if you want to have a single web page or a single blog is GoDaddy, period. For 1 $ / month you will have quality hosting with a domain included (.com .net .org). Before I had a bit of misgivings recommend this hosting for Spain since I only had servers in USA, but now also have servers in Europe (Amsterdam) after the purchase you can choose where you want to have your server, Europe, America or Asia.

The beginners are in luck because GoDaddy has created a very simple installation for WordPress, it is very very simple, if you want to see the installation process you can find it in this tutorial. It has cPanel control panel is the most used so you will find lots of information and tutorials, it has a clean interface and the information on your web is displayed in a very clear way.

Although GoDaddy is an economic hosting has a good quality considering the price, other plans are not so cheap but you should keep in mind if you want to host more than one website.

A very big plus of GoDaddy is that it has support in several languages.

The Hosting to have several web pages

IPage 1.99 $ / month

IPage, you can have unlimited web pages, in fact everything is unlimited for $ 1.99 / month. Also, it includes the free domain name.

As in the previous hosting I have been an iPage user, is a good cheap hosting to start (not to transfer pages) if you want to make many small web pages, learn and compare different CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla ..), why It is so cheap Because it is necessary to make small sacrifices.

Instead of cPanel we find vDesk, it’s not a bad administrator, it’s just not used as much as cPanel, the speed of the servers is just OK, it works but do not expect wonders, it only has servers in US and the support is in English.

The good? The customer service is quite good, sometimes the chat can take 10 min to find an agent but I have always solved the problem. Not bad for cheap web hosting.

 Cheap SSD Hosting

Siteground 3.95 $ / month

Siteground is a cheap webhost with SSD and cPanel disks, in addition to cheap this is very good, the speed is much higher than the previous ones, the security tools it includes seem to me superior if you are thinking of making a website with many plugins , Images, etc … this should be your choice, remember that the Internet users are very impatient and will wait very few seconds to load a page.

Siteground is my favorite service, this I use it for web pages since normally they need more resources than a blog, I have no complaints about performance, besides the customer service is very good, they even help to fix problems that do not fit them ( Something unusual in other hostings), the technical service is in Spanish.

Like GoDaddy you can choose the server in Europe, USA and Asia. The price is higher, $ 3.95 / month and the domain is included. This is for a web page, if you want to have multiple web pages you must hire a higher plan.

Cheap Hosting Tips

Before buying your hosting think about what you want to do, then buy what you need, it does not make sense to pay a lot of money to make a blog, with GoDaddy you will be fine, but if you want to have a page where you sell something then you should go to more web hosts, especially if what you need is a host for a small business.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a cheap hosting?

  • When a hosting is unlimited, it is up to a point, all hosting are limited in the use of CPU and Ram (how many visitors you can have at the same time), some limit the number of files or databases.
  • Customer service is very important; when a problem arises you want them to be fast and attentive.
  • The hosting with cPanel control panel have more tutorials and forums (if you do not know what cPanel is here you have an article that explains it to you).
  • NEVER buy hosting from a provider that is not well recognized, your website must be in a safe and stable place, especially if you have insider information that you don’t want misplaced.
  • Choose a company that allows you to grow, where switching to higher hosting plans is easy.

What if I want to use a free hosting service?

A free hosting service is not recommended if you want to start a professional website. In addition, you should never use a free hosting to earn money or to the page of your business. Think about it: would you seriously consider a service that does not pay for using its own hosting service?

In addition, by using a free hosting service, many companies will not let you show your own advertising ads (so you cannot make money with your website) and control the design of your website. We recommend that you only use a free hosting service if you need a website temporarily or if you are creating a project that is only for your family or friends.

If you want people to take your site seriously, never use a free hosting service.

These cheap hosting services are the best internet hosting services. If you have any questions about which is the cheapest hosting service or you have another cheap hosting service on the Internet, leave us a comment.

Cheap hosting service: Prices

The prices of these cheap hosting services vary from week to week or change with the season. It is best to compare prices before deciding on a web hosting service for your blog or website.

Choosing the best hosting or web hosting for your website does not mean that you should choose the most expensive host service. In fact, there are many cheap hosting that are highly recommended by other users who have Internet pages (be it for commerce, WordPress blogs, stores, personal or business pages).

How do we find the best cheap hosting?

To find the best cheap hosting or web hosting service, we evaluate the most recommended services on the Internet and offer you a complete analysis of the quality of the web hosting they provide (and the tools they provide to make your website successful). All this we compare with the monthly price you pay for the service and we make a recommendation of the best hosting on the Internet.

  • Reliability

This is one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a cheap hosting. However, you will not know how reliable a web hosting service is unless you have already paid for the service. Fortunately, we have personally evaluated these hosting and have seen how reliable they are when hosting a website. We have also used services such as Pingdom, which allows us to determine the average running time (in percentage) of a particular hosting service or web hosting.

  • Speed

Google has announced that its algorithm now takes into account the speed of a website. That is why it is important that your site on the Internet is very fast, which will depend largely on the hosting you use. In our tests we have looked for the cheapest web hosting so that you can find the fastest hosting for your site and help you in positioning in Google (SEO). We have also evaluated the tools that the hosting offers you so you can have all the tools for your success on the Internet,

  • Ease of use

It’s no use having the best hosting if you can not use it. In our tests we have evaluated the ease of use by finding the best web hosting so that you can have the best service for the best price. We also analyze various services that help you improve the quality of your website and how easy it is to install popular platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla in a cheap hosting.

  • Price

When looking for the best cheap hosting, obviously we consider the price. In our tests we have realized that the most expensive web hosting service is not necessarily the best. For this reason instead of comparing prices directly and choosing the best hosting based solely on price, we do a more comprehensive analysis that includes payment options, returns, money back guarantees and other important details.

When doing our tests to find the best cheap hosting, we examine the extra bonuses that companies offer you. We know this makes the difference, especially when you are starting a website or you do not know how to start a website. We analyze web hosting services and have found that some offer you tools to build your site easily, free advertising ads and much more. We organize the results of our research into a report and a list that is easy to read and understand. In addition, we make sure to compare features like the amount of disk space, broadband, database and other capabilities.

Customer Service

We know that the best web hosting is not worth it if you do not have quality customer service. Even if you were able to save a lot of money on a cheap hosting service, we know that you will be very upset and frustrated if they do not give you help when you need it. That is why we have taken into account the response time to the problems of each recommended hosting, the platforms available for help (phone, email or live chat) and the quality of the responses we receive. We have also analyzed the provided support material and other useful materials.


When you make the decision to create a blog or a web page, it is important to pay attention to other aspects no less important. To have a web page that is available to everyone at all times, this must be hosted on a server permanently connected to the network. This way, your page will not suffer falls or failures. By choosing a hosting provider from those who offer cheap packages on the web, you will ensure that all your web information is always online. With each of our hosting plans, you will get a space from a server connected to the network to host your web page.

The hosting services of many companies have similar characteristics.

Depending on what you need, you will have to choose a specific package. You can also choose special rates for Joomla and WordPress.

The worldwide hosting market, is plagued by companies competing for a price that, in order to be able to lower a few cents plus their rates, sacrifice quality to unsuspected extremes, so you must walk on the safe side when you really want your website to talk about what you exactly need when it comes to small businesses, nonprofits or WordPress-based blogs.

Now, one last essential tip: not everything is a good hosting, having a good traffic capacity and response times require a well optimized site.

If you use WordPress, luckily this is easy to get with cache plugins like WP SuperCaché and taking care of factors that affect performance a lot like the images of your site whose weight should always be reduced to the maximum with plugins such as Smush It.

So buy a good web hosting, but also worry about optimizing your web, if not, you will not monetize the quality it offers you.

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