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When you want to create a serious web project, be it a blog, a forum, an online store or any other online project that is not a simple collection of static HTML pages, you need the best hosting possible and at an affordable price. And yes, cheap web hosting services can be found everywhere these days, but some may offer more for what you’re paying.

Surely it is necessary to create simple web page and begin to slowly enter the world of web pages, especially for someone who is not an expert in web designing. The problem that many users face is that they do not know which hosting service to choose since many of them may not fit their budget or prefer to start with a free service or even the features or support offered by the service are few.

Finding a web hosting service that meets the main needs of the majority of users and that really works is not an easy task, with the initiative of supporting entrepreneurs with desire to project their ideas online and get a cheap webhosting for small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

But there are questions to answer.

How many gigabytes does my website weigh? How many email accounts do I want to create? These are the most common questions that webmasters ask when deciding which hosting to use. have brings a novel way to solve these concerns, a web hosting for all, a single plan with the requirements of any standard site.

This is because the best way to create this kind of webs is to install on a server hosting open source applications based on PHP along with a MySQL database like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Prestashop, Magento and similar .

But there is one problem: applications like these are much more demanding for your hosting server than just plain static HTML pages.

A good hosting company will save you a lot of time

That is, you avoid wasting hours and hours solving problems one day after day, something regrettably common in so many other poor quality providers, good hosting has to be like it does not exist.

This is the only way you can spend time on what really matters: work on your project.

Do you prefer another hosting alternative for you? How to Choose a Good Cheap Web Hosting

In that case, I will give you some basic criteria that I strongly recommend that you use to save yourself dislikes with the hosting that you choose if you are going to opt for an economical web hosting. With this you can make your own comparative web hosting.

Cheap web hosting is not synonymous with poor quality, but obviously the risk of hiring a bad service is much higher than in the more expensive ranges and you have to choose more carefully.

Firstly, to distinguish a good hosting from a bad one there are two fundamental aspects to take into account:

Its technical performance.

In that sense, in relation to the technical characteristics cheap web host, there are things to take into account.

The first thing is to decide if your web will be static (simple HTML pages, created “by hand” each) or will be based on PHP applications like the ones mentioned above: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, or similar (practically all modern websites are made With them). These applications require much more than normal to the servers. Therefore, a bad hosting does not give of itself, does not serve for this case, even with little traffic.

For PHP applications also make sure you have a minimum of 256MB of memory and that your hosting allows the execution of about 10-15 processes in parallel. In addition, you need a MySQL database.

If it is a simple static web composed only HTML files without more, with little traffic (less than 100 visits a day), the demands on servers are rather more moderate or smaller. In this case even hosting with modest performance will suffice.

The needs of disk space and bandwidth

It depends a lot on the type of web in particular. As a general rule, in the case of WordPress blogs, for example, 99% should go very baggy with 1GB of space and a transfer / month of 20GB. Given the effect of caches on browsers, etc., this should be enough to comfortably support traffic of +50,000 visits per month.

A serious web needs a good support that satisfies your needs and solves your problems. It is also important that you be agile in responding because you will occasionally have incidents. If you do not have a technical profile, I recommend a service with specialized support for your specific application (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.).

And now, finally, other things to take into consideration when hiring a cheap web host service:

Opt only for suppliers with a money-back period. So you calmly make sure that things are really as you paint them. And if you do not like the experience, nothing has happened and you opt for a better web hosting.

Escape services with non-standard management tools. The one I recommend is the most used in the market: cPanel.

Choosing the best hosting or web hosting for your website does not mean that you should choose the most expensive host service. In fact, there are many cheap hosting that are highly recommended by other users who have Internet pages (be it for commerce, WordPress blogs, stores, personal or business pages). In our site we consider it our responsibility to present you with the best hosting for your web page at the best price. This way you will have

How do we find the best cheap hosting?

To find the best cheap hosting or web hosting service, we evaluate the most recommended services on the Internet and offer you a complete analysis of the quality of the web hosting they provide (and the tools they provide to make your website successful) . All this we compare with the monthly price you pay for the service and we make a recommendation of the best hosting on the Internet.

If you are looking for the best hosting and do not know where to start, trust us to help you with your search. If you think all web hosting services are the same, you’re wrong.

Bonus Extras

When doing our tests to find the best cheap hosting, we examine the extra bonuses that companies offer you. We know this makes the difference, especially when you are starting a website or you do not know how to start a website. We analyze web hosting services and have found that some offer you tools to build your site easily, free advertising ads and much more. We organize the results of our research into a report and a list that is easy to read and understand. In addition, we make sure to compare features like the amount of disk space, broadband, database and other capabilities.

Shared Hosting

The shared Web Hosts currently are the most used, are usually the recommended option for about 70% of Web sites.

In shared hosting are the websites of several clients on a single server, obviously with a configuration that does not allow other clients to see the files and settings of your website.

It is a good option for small and medium-sized websites, it is a very economical service because normally in a same server they get to host hundreds and even thousands of web, getting that the cost is reduced drastically for each client maintaining a good performance. Not all are advantages, being in a shared hosting all customers use the same resources, i.e. if a neighbor saturates the server affect all customers of it. It is also quite common for some errors caused by one client to affect the rest.

Shared hostings are the most used today; usually support as many websites that use WordPress with 6000 users daily, this figure can vary greatly depending on the configuration of WordPress.

The problem that this type of hosting has is that what our neighbors do in our website, for example, if a neighbor has many users and gets the server to fall also your Web is dropped. An important point is that many hosting sell you that you have unlimited resources, this is a lie, no company really offers unlimited resources, and it is a marketing tactic.

They may offer you space and unlimited transfer, but if you consume many resources of the server you will have problems and they will suspend the account, some will even do it without previous warning. Usually this is stipulated in the contract that nobody usually reads.

Advantages of shared hosting:

  • Great quality / price.
  • Enough flexibility when choosing resources.
  • Acceptable technical support (depends on the case).

Disadvantages of shared hosting:

  • The actions of your neighbors have an impact on your site. (DDoS attacks, use of resources, security vulnerabilities, etc.)

Hosting Features

Usually each hosting has its characteristics that usually vary according to the company, there are companies that impose very strict limits and others that sell unlimited despite not being.

Next we explain the different characteristics of a hosting.

Disk space

There is not much to add, it is the amount of space we have available to host on our server, it is a variable that everyone should choose for their website.

For a blog that usually writes articles does not usually require much space, instead, for a site that is dedicated to hosting images as it needs a lot.

Better to stay long than space to fall short.


The transfer is the amount of files that your server can download, that is, every time a user uploads a webpage downloads a number of files that occupy a certain space that can vary according to various factors.

Normally this is measured in Gb / monthly, that is, they allow you to transfer as many Gb a month for all your users.

It is advisable to be very careful with this, if you surpass the transfer of your Web you will be closed and you will get the famous message of “Bandwidth exceded” (transfer surpassed). S

It costs more to account to hire a little more, to risk you to close the Web to have little.


The most common database is MySQL, which is usually managed using PHPMyAdmin, usually hostings offer you a certain amount of databases.

It is important in case you want to install several CMS do it in different databases for reasons of optimization and performance, this point you have to take it into account when choosing the amount of databases you need.


Most hosting allow you to create emails of type, usually also offer you a certain amount of emails.

The space available for mail is the same as that of hosting.

UpTime per contract

Some hostings guarantee you a certain UpTime by contract of not complying you can claim and maybe make you a discount, it is interesting to choose hostings with 99.9%.

UpTime is the amount of time your Web is maintained online.

Location of the server

The location of the server is also an important point when buying Web hosting, it is best to choose it as close as possible to the users to whom your content is targeted.

If your web is aimed at people residing in a particular country is very interesting to host your website on a server in that country, you can gain some positions in Google thanks to the location positioning factor.

Hosting support

It is obvious that if you do not have much idea on the subject of the hosting you will need some help, it is advisable to have a support that speaks a language that you dominate, in addition also it is very necessary that they are available 24 hours a day 365 days to the year.

It is advisable to seek opinions about the technical support of a certain hosting in the internet, they can say what they want, that later they fulfill it already is a completely different subject.

Other interesting details

Other interesting details when buying a hosting is that you have CPanel that helps a lot to the administration of your Web, it is also good to include pre-installed scripts that save you time when setting up your website.

 Use a local computer as a server

Many people ask me “Why do not you use a computer in your house as a server ?, the truth is that I do not think it’s worth it at the moment.

A server has to be online 24 hours a day, every day of the year, that is a cost of light that already far exceeds the price of a dedicated hosting.

I do not know where you will live, in my case the maximum number of mega available in my area are ten, few to make a decent hosting and when there is a storm, the leads that give pleasure.

Do not forget that we also have to invest in buying a decent server, which we will have to update as time goes by and will only be dedicated to your website.

In my opinion, if you are not a big company I do not think you are worth all this and more at the prices that are currently hosting.

Fun facts about hosting

It is curious that a wrong term is so expanded on the internet, you really do not buy hosting, you make a rental of hosting.

This misleading term is so widespread that it has a difficult solution, no matter how much I weigh I have to keep talking about buying hosting instead of renting hosting because all the users look for it to buy.

Remember that apart from buying hosting for your Web you will need a domain that is the one in charge of pointing to your Web.

A hosting will only give you an IP that most of times will be shared so you will need a domain for your users to access your website.

Myths about Hosting

The hosting also have some myths that you should know before buying a hosting.

A shared hosting only supports 8000 visits per day: This is completely false, what loads the hosting are not the daily visits, are the simultaneous ones that can make the hosting fall, perhaps there are websites with 30000 visits daily and that simultaneously have about 10 as Maximum and the server can take it, while a web with 1000 visits per day may receive 400 simultaneous.

By buying a hosting with more space or transfer will go faster: It has nothing to do, space and transfer are the maximum amount you can have, what delimits the speed are the hardware specifications of the server and the load that your Neighbors of the services.

A company that suits me to another client can go wrong: True, all hosting companies have several servers it is possible for you to touch a server that works well and another customer will touch one saturated. That is why on the internet we can find very good and very bad reviews, it is a matter of luck.

SSD drives improve the performance of the hosting: On paper it is true, but I do not think a user is able to appreciate the improvement, normally hosting give 100Mb of speed of exit, speed that already reach the hard disks of 7200 RPM.


This article is aimed to help any user with little experience to buy a hosting, and with desire to make a little investment on cheap web hosting. Remember to buy the hosting that suits your needs, do not waste money on resources that you will not need, but do not risk to stay short.

Some web hosting suppliers will make a discount by hiring them for longer, I do not recommend buying a hosting for more than a year. In a year a thousand things can happen and maybe you fall short or you get tired of your Web.

Remember that apart from buying hosting you will also need to buy a domain.

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